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#1 12 years ago

The 12th SS Hitlerjugend is a Tactical Realism Community that firmly believes in Squad Based Tactics, working as a team to accomplish goals, and to enjoy the history of WW2 in a whole. We are accepting members over the age of 15 but under special circumstances we will acccept younger.

We are a Apolitical Group that has no ties to any Nazi group and never will we like to refer to ourselves as a Reenacting Unit.

We will have a Game Server up by Monday evening, the TS is already up also we accept donations and do not ask members to pay any dues.

Furthermore we strictly believe in working as a Team and using Historical Squad related tactics.

Here is the link to the forums where you can enlist http://p4.forumforfree.com/12thsshitlerjug.html

Also you can visit our Temporary Home at http://12th.sshj.tripod.com/

So please feel free to register on our Forums and sign up today Respectively, SS-Unterstrumfuhrer Ralf Brandt 12th SS-PanzerGrenadier Division Rgt 26, Hitlerjugend