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Welcome to the 1st Infantry Division, we are recruiting!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our hobby. I call it a “hobby” because members contribute time and money to make this work. We owe a great deal of thanks to these individuals

What we do...

We are a group of individuals who share a common interest in tactical realism. What is tactical realism? Tactical Realism in a game is trying to come as close to real-life as possible. Since this game is based off of WWII, we use mods on the server attempting to create a realistic effect from that time. What does it mean to be tactical? Tactics is the military science that deals with securing objectives set by strategy, especially the technique of deploying and directing troops through effective maneuvers against an enemy. We attempt to employ real WWII era squad level formations and maneuvers to eliminate the enemy when in contact, assault, secure, and destroy enemy held objectives. Team work is paramount and must be used. To achieve tactical realism in game, we play S&D and some HQ supported maps when possible, you will find no TDM or DM here.

How we do it...

We attempt to emulate a WWII era Rifle Company in the US Army, that being E Company, 2 Battalion, 16th Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. We try to follow a historically correct 1944 Table of Organization and Equipment Chart for a US Rifle Company and other WWII era Field Manuals. That means we have assigned weapons and responsibilities. We adhere to a WWII rank and command structure and we expect all our unit members to adhere to it. Many of our visitors ask about promotions, so I will touch on this subject now. We promote when warranted, in other words when we expand or need to fill a vacated position. We promote individuals on merit not time served, we don't want a unit that consist of only officers and NCO's.

What we expect out of our members...

As a member of the unit, we expect you to contribute to the unit. We ask that you contribute your time, we want you to come on “our” server whenever you play. We want you to come on teamspeak and interact with your fellow unit members, we want you to be seen posting in our forums. For those unit members who can, we asks them to consider donating to the server fund as it does take money to keep it up and running. We ask that you follow the units rules & regulations and try to respect what we are doing here.

We expect our members to be responsible. We want you wearing your [1st ID] tag whenever you visit other servers. We expect you to represent the unit with pride as you are our best form of advertising and recruiting.

We expect you to get Teamspeak and a good quality headset with mic.

What you can expect from us....

We understand that there is life outside the unit but we hope that you'll find yourself making time to participate. We try to find ways to keep members active. We are currently involved in ETO which is league that focuses around the allied landings and subsequent battles in France. We have found that giving members responsibility in the unit helps keep interest levels high, we have a established an Inteligence Dept. to help plan for ETO matches. We have MP positions that assist with policing the server. We drill once a week, we do this in order to allow our members to have an opportunity to get together and practice tactics and what not. Most importantly we hope that its the friendships that you create that keep you around.

If this you feel that we are what your looking for, then simply post a new reply in this topic with the following information(simply copy and paste):

In-game Name: Real Name(Last, First): Location: AIM: MSN: Availability (Include time zone): How did you hear about us? Age:

After posting this information, someone from the Recruiting/BCT Dept. will welcome you to our forums.

Now that you've taken the first step, we ask that you help us keep track of those wanting to join and visit the Recruit Reception Center for further instruction.

We Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.