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1st ID is a realism unit dedicated to bring your COD2 experience to full! We use the weapons that a real squads would have; Rifleman, and Auto-rifleman with the odd medic and sniper to help suport you! If your done with Running&Gunning and ready to bring in the full experience just go to our site and head to the fourms to post YOUR game changing recruitment application!


Our 24 man Server runs the WRM mode and updated the the most current and best COD2 custom maps the world can provide! We recruit all for ages, and have a great group of NCO's wait to help you make the best choice for your COD2 experience!

The 1st ID has weekly;

-Scrims -BCT Trainning -Drills -Meetings -Fun Nights to let loose

This unit is all about the common man, Positions open weekly so YOU can rise in the ranks and be part of the the many working parts of the 1st ID, inculding:

-Intel -Basic Combat Trainning -Squad Leading & ASL -Automatic Rifleman -Military Police -And ranks from Pvt to T/3 to Cpt

You are required to do Bct: This is 1 drill a week on saturday. You can't have 2 units/clans in COD2. You need have a mic and Ventrilo

Server IP:

Ventrilo IP: Port number: 3712

Ventrilo Password: dutyfirst

This Unit has a huge History with-in COD2 and thoughout WW-ll.