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28th June 2006

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The [COLOR=red]21st Infantry Division[/COLOR] (21stID) is a Tactical Realism Clan for [COLOR=orange]Call of Duty 2[/COLOR]. We stress teamwork and emphasize tactics. We are a new clan on the

We are currently recruiting for members to join our ranks, so if you are interested in enlisting, you must meet a few basic criteria:

1. Have Xfire, 2. Teamspeak, 3. Call of Duty 2, 4. Be over the age of 13 5. Possess a willingness to have fun & listen!

We also have a conduct code that we follow:

[COLOR=yellow]Loyalty[/COLOR]: Bear true faith and allegiance to the Clan Rules, the division, your unit, and other soldiers.

[COLOR=yellow]Duty[/COLOR]: Fufill your obligations...above and beyond the "call of duty".

[COLOR=yellow]Respect[/COLOR]: Respect yourself, your superiors, and your subordinates.

[COLOR=yellow]Selfless Service[/COLOR]: The obligation of putting the welfare of the nation, the Division, and your subordinates before your own needs.

[COLOR=yellow]Honor[/COLOR]: Loyalty to yourself, your unit, and your fellow soldiers. Live up to all of the Division values.

[COLOR=yellow]Integrity[/COLOR]: Do what is right, legally and morally, whether you are on or off duty.

[COLOR=yellow]Personal Courage[/COLOR]: Face fear, danger, or adversity.

We've got a 20 slot public COD2 server at ______________, and a 50 slot TeamSpeak server. We are currently 25 members strong, and growing everyday. Visit our forums at http://21stid.dynamicwebhosting.co.uk/forum/index.php/

You can contact our leaders on their Xfires:

[COLOR=blue]|[/COLOR][COLOR=red]21stID[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]|[/COLOR]Col.Mcloone Xfire:[COLOR=orange]mcloone[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]|[/COLOR][COLOR=red]21stID[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]|[/COLOR]Col.Trinity Xfire:[COLOR=orange]Harmlesskitty[/COLOR]

Thank you for your interest in the [COLOR=red]21st Infantry Division[/COLOR], and good luck!

Sincerely, [COLOR=blue]|[/COLOR][COLOR=red]21stID[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]|[/COLOR]Pvt. Irish Rifleman, Fox Company, Bravo section