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#1 13 years ago

Roll on 28th! Hello Call of Duty 2 players, this is the 28th Infantry Division speaking and are wondering if there would be any mature players that enjoy playing with realism units and working as a team. The 28th uses realistic and authentic WWII tactics and follow a chain of command. We use authentic WWII ranks and try to feel a sence of brotherhood, or in other words, a band of brothers. We currently have a teamspeak server and are trying to find a host for a Call Of Duty 2 server. We also have a website and forums: http:/28thid.fragism.com/ Sorry the link doesnt work because you can post any links here. But just add a / next to 28th and it will work. So come on down, register on the forums, find out what we are like. Or even better, enlist and become a member of the Blood Bucket Division! [COLOR=red]ROLL ON 28th![/COLOR] [COLOR=black]-Item Company, 3rd Battalion, [/COLOR] 112th Infantry Regiment 28th Infantry Division