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#1 15 years ago

The 28th Infantry Division is recruiting all members at the moment! We don't have a game server or a Teamspeak / Ventrilo server yet but we are planning to get them right away! It is our first priority. We are a new clan founded in November, 2005, and are a realistic WWII clan. Realistic meaning we use the ranking system, medals are rewarded, weapons depending upon ranks, and basic training. We have a website and a link to the forums. Website: http://28thid.fragism.com/ ***Requirements*** 1. Must be at least 14 years of age, though few exceptions will be made. 2. Must have Xfire and/or AIM. 3. Must be mature and are able to follow orders 4. When we get a TS (teamspeak) server running, you'll need a mic and to download TS. Enlist today! Seeya on the battlefield!