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#1 13 years ago

Initially created on November 15th 2005 for Call of Duty 2, the 29th Infantry Division is based on Realism (realism unit). We have our gaming server with the Hybrid2 Mod ( with teamspeak vocal communications server.

We need serious players who can be there frequently who like to play CoD2 and who can lead men and live in a gaming community.

You can visit our website at : 29th-infantry-division Its a www and a dot com Cant post urls?

All the potential candidates to join our Unit please go to the Recruitment Department in the website, after registering a new account. Then, process your enlistment application.

Candidates must be at least 16 years old, mature, available, able to respect orders, able to live in a community, and english-speaking.

Our master words will be : "29 Let's go !"

We are also open to ally with any other Realism Unit which would be interested to work with us.

Cpl. Lewis Stevenson 116th Inf Regt, Headquarters 29th Infantry Division United States Army

Realism Unit for Call of Duty 2