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23rd December 2005

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#1 12 years ago

S! We are very pleased to announce that the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment is now recruiting Tactical Realism Gamers for Baker Company of 1st Battalion. The 325th GIR is a Command with a long, distinguished history and our only goal is to have fun. Glider Rider Troops pride themselves on a solid foundation of accomplishment and tradition for over 5 years. Our Regiment has also had numerous Tours of Duty in a wide variety of tournaments and leagues. Highlights include: CAL League, Clan Base, Team Warfare League, as well as our own Theaters and Events that we hold as an community and now the ETO League. The 325th GIR has really made a legacy in gaming. Aside from Glider Infantry Realism - FUN is our main goal. Tactical Gaming is something that many of us enjoy doing because it helps build team work and better gamers. If causually gaming in a relaxed environment is more your speed,you will always find people to game with at the 325th with COD2 is far from the only plateform we game. We're always inviting new soldiers, regardless of skill level. So, whether COD2 is your first WW2 FPS or your one hundredth, become a part of the ongoing history of the 82nd Airborne, 325th Glider Infantry Regiment!

Join us on Team Speak at and/or on our REALISM SERVER at

http://325GIR.IIIJG1.com or http://myspace.com/325gir __________________


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#2 12 years ago

please talk with me in the messenger [EMAIL="guy_ybz89@hotmail.com"]guy_ybz89@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] or maybe in the TS