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I am Maj. Keegan From the |4th ID| - We was previously the |502nd|, but it was decided that we should change names.

|4th ID| Are a CoD2 Tactical Realism Unit, Who adhere to strict realism rulings, however we are currently using partially modern-day ranks,

We have 3 servers:

Private UK Server(24 slot):

Public UK Server(28 slot):

Both Based In London, UK

Public US Server(20 slot):

Based In Chicago, US

All our servers are currently running on WRM version 7,

The |4th ID| Is currently recruiting ACTIVE members from anywhere in the world,

If you think that you have the potential to fight alongside us, then by all means visit our forums, to chat, find out inormation or of course to post an enlistment.

4th Infantry Division :: Index

Feel free to visit our Teamspeak 2 Server! Details:


Password: Iron Horse

Bring your friends to play games, chat etc.


|4th ID| Maj. Keegan