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Hello There,

I am Captain Keegan of the |502nd PIR|,

The 502nd was created by a group of friends who believe that they can bring tru realism back into the virtual battlefield of CoD2, To help them do this they have found a company to imitate, and follow in their footsteps,

502nd Is a Call of Duty 2 Tactical Realism unit, We try to make your gaming experience as joyful and happy as possible, and we are lookingfor both UK and USA members, for different reasons for each time zone,

UK = Will help us reach having a fully populated UK server.

USA = To hlep give us the inscetive to purchase a USA server.

If What you have just readinterests you, you can find out lots of information on our website.

fiveosecondparachuteregiment :: Index

We are currently running the Road To Berlin(RTB) mod on the server, but may be changing it soon, 502nd is open to all ages, all can apply.

We pride ourselves in saying, That as a new unit in the community, we thought it would be much harder to get everything sorted, and have now started to do BCT Drills and now squad drills also.(Dependant on timezone)

There are indeed, many roads you can take, some of which include:

Military Policemen Basic Training Instructor Squad Leader/ASL Sub-Machine Gunner Heavy/Light Rifleman

You will however have to follow a strict weapon assignment, whoch for Recruits is an M1 Garand, Squad Tactics whilst playing is an essential part of survival.

Feel free to stop by and visit us on TeamSpeak:


Pass: benning

Please Don't Hesitate to visit us on our public server:


Many Thanks,

Captain Keegan