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#1 15 years ago

Dear Recruit,

Thank you for considering the 504th PIR, as well as Easy Company for your unit of choice. Easy Company is in need of recruits to fill up 1st platoon and start 2nd. The 504th is a tactical realism clan and uses a Chain of Command to organize leadership. In this unit every soldier is treated with the respect needed. Although we do run some things strict, the 504th is a very fun clan to be and and many of the active members have been in here for over a year. Enjoy fun, tactical realism, and great leadership now in the 504th.


Must be 16 years of age Must have X-fire Must have MSN-AIM-Yahoo Must have TS downloaded and have a mic Must own COD2 You have to be mature and want to be in a realism clan Must have listening and order/following skills Must not be in another COD clan.(This is not for all games just COD)

Easy Company Forums: http://18.freebb.com/?freebb=easyco

*Please note that the TS password will be given out as a result to a soldier recieving the rank of Rct.

Private First Class Keane 504th PIR Easy Company 1st Squad 1st Platoon