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6th May 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Ok im sure youve seen me post about a dozen different recruitment posts. That is because I have been moving to different units for private reasons.


The 79th Infantry Division is recruiting for Call of Duty 2. As of this point we have 11 members, and are growing, slowly but surely.

We are a tactical realism unit, based on the real 79th Infantry Division. We try to recreate an American World War 2 Army Company to as close to real life as Call Of Duty 2 allows.

The point of any game is to have fun right? Well instead of being very serious to the tactial realism, we are realistic enough to understand chain of command, saluting, while alos making it fun.

If you want to enlist to the 79th Infantry Division you must agree to the following:

-I am AT LEAST 13 years of age. -I will register and stay active on the forum board. -I will always remain loyal to the 79th Infantry Division. -I will follow the chain of command at ALL times. -I will always act in a mature and respectful manner.

Please visit our website at http://79th-infantry-division.co.nr/ and either click the enlistment tab on the main page, or register and post in the forums

We currently have a teamspeak server. IP: ts1.cod2hq.com:9059 Pass: Garand

Thank you for reading this, Best Regards,

Technical Sergeant K. Sisson Platoon Sergeant 79th Infantry Division