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#1 15 years ago

Founded by a USMC 2nd FAST marine in 1998, |FAST| has always been a strong & stable presence in the online gaming community. Our members value MATURITY, RESPECT, FAIRNESS and having FUN while gaming. We have always stayed true to these core values over the years, and have proven without a doubt to our peers, that |FAST| is truly one of the most honorable groups that any online gamer could ever belong to.

|FAST| currently participates in many genres of online gaming such as ; Age of Empires 3, Battlefield 2, World of Warcraft, Day of Defeat:Source, and Call of Duty 2. If you're interested in becoming a part of this established team, then here's what were looking for...

1) 16+ with an adult attitude.(there are acceptions for age) 2) Eagerness to learn. Team skills & tactics can be taught 3) Avid gamer. Our core group plays 6-7 nights a week together. 4) Working microphone & ventrillo voice comms. 5) East coast preferred.

if interested...visit

thank you for reading.

Our server |FAST| Beergarden has cook nades, 1 limit per team for sniper rifle and shotgun, shotgun damage lowered,no health regeneration, no crosshairs, and heavy punishment for cheaters ip is :