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[SIZE=24]Axis [COLOR=red]Versus[/COLOR] [COLOR=green]Allies[/COLOR] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18][COLOR=orange]What is it? [/COLOR][/SIZE]

It is an ongoing campaign, run 24/7 on our dedicated Axis Versus Allies Server:

[COLOR=orange]IP: [/COLOR][COLOR=orange][/COLOR]

From a choice of more than 270 CoD2 maps we have divided the WW2 European Theatre of Operations into 4 fronts:

[COLOR=green]--Western Front [/COLOR][from the Normandy Beaches to the Low Countries]: [COLOR=green]American Skins.[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]--Eastern Front[/COLOR] [from Leningrad to Poland]: [COLOR=red]Russian Skins.[/COLOR] [COLOR=yellow][COLOR=SandyBrown]--Southern Front[/COLOR] [/COLOR][from Egypt to Italy]: [COLOR=blue]British Skins.[/COLOR] --Final Front[the German Fatherland].

Each front will have four sections that the Axis and Allies must fight to gain control over on the road towards Berlin from their starting points. Each section will strive to have historically and geographically correct maps in them: landing beaches in Normandy, snow-covered factories in Russia, dusty side-streets in Tunisia and military complexes in Germany itself. All the while as new maps are released we will allocate them to their correct place on our Campaign Map Section.

[SIZE=18][COLOR=orange]How is it played?:[/COLOR] [/SIZE]

For a duration of two weeks we will focus on one section of the campaign before moving onto the next. We will start on the landing grounds of Normandy and play for two weeks, then we will move clockwise around the campaign map to the first section on the Eastern Front. [COLOR=green][EBA-UK][/COLOR]Merlin's stats program will list and show every kill, every bomb plant or defuse, every flag capture and round win for the axis or allies, players and teams.

Stats: Sigma Stats - Server Detail

If the Axis side wins over the period the allied advance is halted or pushed back to a former section, like a tug of war the front will move closer to or further away from Berlin. We will continue to move around the map in a clockwise manner playing through all the fronts until the allies reach Germany.

Map: EBA-UK - Axis v Allies Operations Map

We will be using the latest Admiral Mod, with a number of Character Classes such as engineer, admiral, medic and even spy. There will also be a variety of weapons including mustard gas, fire bombs and TNT traps. This mod will need to be downloaded by new players, but does not take long. The maps themselves can also be auto-downloaded as required, one at a time.

[SIZE=18][COLOR=orange]How do i sign up?[/COLOR] [/SIZE]

Go to :: View topic - AvA Public Sign Up

if you want to be a regular player and proclaim your allegiance to either the Axis or Allies throughout the campaign. You will be added to the roster for one side or the other. If you join the Axis you can add ^9[+] after your name tags, if you join the allies you can add ^2 after your name tags. Alternatively you might just want to dip in and out and play for whatever side needs your help, is so simply "Auto Assign".

Feel Free to join our TeamSpeak:

[COLOR=orange]IP : [/COLOR][COLOR=orange] [/COLOR] [COLOR=orange] PW : ebauk[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Concept Design and Coding by [EBA-UK]Merlin, from an idea by [EBA-UK]York.[/COLOR]