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#1 12 years ago

Our clan, BDR, is recruiting and we NEED some players soon! We are a clan that has been together for 2 and a half years and have recently dropped members due to their lack of playtime. We are currently restarting our ladders in TWL and will be playing in matches as soon as we get some more players. Anyone who wants to join and has Xfire and teamspeak please send me a friend request on XFire, my name on xfire is sogghost and my nickname is #Jared*BDR. You can also add our other clan leader csddontshoot his nickname on XFire is #Shady*BDR. If you want to join you must be atleast 15 years old and you must have Teamspeak for voice chat during matches, and XFire which is a Instant messenger for games. You also need a microphone to chat on teamspeak. We do OWN our own server our OWN server and we use it everynight. Thanks for your time, BDR*JARED