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#1 14 years ago

Clan Baptized By Fire is currently recruiting for CoD2 and many other games. We are looking for mature members who are willing to put there time towards practice and matches. BBF currently has a total of 84 members and we have 10 participating in the CoD2 division. We are a community of friends; BBF has been in existence for six years now. In CoD2 we have players ranging from the ages of 15-30. The CoD2 division is currently in 3 TWL ladders, 6v6 CTF 5v5 SnD and 2v2 SnD rifles only. We use teamspeak and xfire to stay in touch, and our forums. We are looking for people who are serious about practices and matches. But we are also looking for players who just like to pub often. If you wish to join BBF please visit our forums at and post in the Join us / Challenge us. Please post your age, what game you want to apply for and anything else about yourself that you want to share. Also if you wish to get in touch with someone through xfire: cptchunky biffenbob