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#1 12 years ago

Dwi}Squad is currently recruiting mature CoD2 Players for TWL League Play. The Squad prides its self excellant leadership and skill. While CoD2 is new for this most Battlefield 2 team, we are working hard to ensure its success. So if you are looking to join a CoD2 team, please stop by for a visit at [COLOR=red]www.dwisquad.com[/COLOR]. With close to 300 registered website members and over 250,000 page views. You will see why this expanding clan is now part of the CoD2 Community. {Dwi}Squad offers its members a dedicated public and private match server. So stop by some time and join us for some pub play on our server. If you are ready to make the big leap and join a clan that has what it takes to be sucessful, please stop by a fill out a [COLOR=red]Recruitment Form[/COLOR]. Thank you and good luck on finding the right clan! {Dwi}Zoidberg [COLOR=orange]www.dwisquad.com[/COLOR]