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#1 12 years ago

We are a new and upcoming clan from scotland in the united kingdom.

Here is a little bit about us we are called the [EA] Elite Alliance and we have a small website at http://elitealliance.tk

this is a temporary website until we get up and running with more members but it is fine for now

At the moment we have no servers but we are planning to buy one as soon as more members join and we have the funds

we are hoping to join multiple call of duty 2 ladders on clanbase.

we are a multi gaming clan that also plays BF2 but we are currently only recruiting for call of duty

so if your looking for a clan with a lot of prospects for the future and are looking to play games with people who ue teamwork then the elite alliance is for you.

Ps if your looking to join check the recruitement section out on the forums