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5th May 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Hello! I'am KilrBe3 from EAS..Elite Assault Squad! I'am the CoD2 Section Leader. I've been playing Call Of Duty Since NIGHT it came out...With Regular CoD and UO and CoD2 under my belt. I make 1 hell of a player. so... Our CLan has been around since the start! Same ppl..and some losses..due to work and school. but!!!!!!!! We now have Our COD2 20 Man Server Up and Running! We have the following.. -A Forum -20 Man CoD2 -50 Man Teamspeak! If you wanna join read below! !We are Also In TWL! ::Application format:: ========== Application ========== Real Name: (First and/or Last) Game: In Game Name: (Of course the name you play with in game.) Age: (MUST be 14+) We will look into special cases. Location: (Must be in State/Province, Country please. At least just country.) Reason For Joining: (Why would you like to join the |-EAS-|?) Do you have XFire?: If yes what is you screen name? (If not get it at www.xfire.com) Do you have TeamSpeak? (Available at www.goteamspeak.com if not) Do you have a Microphone? (A must to play, available at your local Computer Store.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks..Post here if you would like to Join! or.. visit us at s14.inivisonfree.com/elite_assault_squad

*Server Info* TeamSpeak: IP- No Password

CoD2 20 Man: IP- No Password

*Contact Me* AIM: nfskilrbe3 Xfire: Caparzo79989

**Were one hell of a clan, and we need you!**