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29th May 2006

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#1 11 years ago

esuer3.gif Hi!

We're the Elite Stealth Unit, a CoD2 Tactical Realism Clan. We have very friendly and nice players, a nice website (Home of the Elite Stealth Unit), our own TR-CoD2 server (IP:, don't forget to turn downloads on) and a Ventriloserver. We're currently looking for European members, for the current EUmembers won't get bored because of the timezones. But of course members outside EU are welcome as well ;)

Some statistics: Name: Elite Stealth Unit Tag: :EsU: Website: Home of the Elite Stealth Unit The Clan in 1 sentence: "We're done with the run-and-gunplayers, jumpshooting and nadespamming: if you're looking for some tactical realism gameplay, join the :EsU:!" Mods: Wolfbane's Realism Mod, BHC's Soundmod and a lot of Custom Maps Notes: Mostley looking for European members, age 15+ to make sure we don't get annoying kiddies who screw the whole TR-thing for everyone.

Check our website for more information!

Cya at the battlefield! All the EsU-members