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#1 12 years ago

Was up clan leaders and recruiters you know why your here your looking for the best players, who isnt! oh well i am one of the"best players".i like to think of myself as an "anti-sniper-sniper":rolleyes: so i can provide exelent cover for frendlies.:) Also i want to be in a clan that is srict tough and who has an old shoe stting in thier closet.....idk i felt random:moon: . so anyway can you help me im kinda the picky type so first come dosent serve first. just a few ingame tips on me, i work as a team or in a team i will shot litraly 2ft from u to get a bad guy (not at u) i enjoy walks on beach...again random the M1 Grand is my Fav. wep (or springfield depends) and thats it one last thing i prefer a clan with a ranking system. tyand hope to see ya in the trenches lol:lol: . and if u need 2 contact me otherwise just send ur question to: [EMAIL="dwfox3@hotmail.com"]dwfox3@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] ty