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#1 12 years ago

breakingpoint468x6015gl.gif[size=24][color=blue]B[/color][color=white]reaking[/color] [color=blue]P[/color][color=white]oint[/color] [color=blue]C[/color][color=white]o[/color][color=blue]D[/color][color=white]2[/color][/size] World War Two has started, join up to liberate war torn Europe with the Allies, or fight along side your fellow Axis soldiers to expand the German Empire. Pick up your rifle and battle for territories, towns, and countries in this Call of Duty 2 War. Hold your ground in the bitter cold at Stalingrad with the Russians, fight sandstorms and the Desert Fox with the Brits in Africa, and push your way off the beaches and towards Berlin with the Americans. Or, join the ranks of the mighty German Army and take over Europe, destroying any who stand in your way. Its Breaking Point CoD2 1st Offical Campaign!, the brand new Call of Duty 2 tournament for CoD2 players all over the world. Tensions increase across the globe, soon their will be war, and both sides need all the soldiers they can get! Breaking Point is a new tournament for Call of Duty 2. This tournament is just starting and we are looking for members! This tournament is all about one fundamental Without fun any tournament would just suck. Breaking Point puts the fun back into the game and brings the player to an entire new world of online gaming. Event days are as follows:

  • Thursday: Battle Day Sunday: Battle Day

Times for Battles:

  • Thursday: Noon EST - Midnight EST Sunday: Noon EST - Midnight EST

This tournament is all about fun, so we (the admins) encourage you to come out and be a part of the action! We look forward to the coming months of a new breed of online gaming. So who will you Fight with? The Axis Forces trying to Take Control of Europe? joinaxis0sr.gif Or the Allies trying to liberate it from tyranny and corruption? joinallies9vc.gif Check out our Promo video too if you'd like to see what its all about, then check out Video:;57177 Thank you for your time! -Breaking Point Administration Staff- breakingpoint468x6029ob.gif