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#1 12 years ago

First of all, we are a new "ANTI CHEAT CLAN". We have recruited a few members, and are looking to add more skilled players. We strive to bash our opponents so you must be good at bashing! We are set up with 4 admins (Mr. Germany, Mr. Italy, Mr. Japan, Mr. Berlin). We currently have 1 server up {AXIS} Empire (, for TDM with mods. We have 30 slots on the TDM, and a 30 slot Team Speak More servers to be setup in the future will be for CTF, OGL TDM, and OGL CTF. We would like to get everything together to compete in OGL. Our web address is [COLOR=red][/COLOR] The page is new and currently under construction, however most of our pages work. Your clan tags will be the color of whatever European city you choose. Example Germany's will look like this [COLOR=red]{AXIS}[/COLOR] [COLOR=yellow]Mr.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Germany,[/COLOR] Japan would be [COLOR=white]{AXIS}[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Mr.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]Japan[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR]Italy like this [COLOR=lime]{AXIS}[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]Mr.[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Italy [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Your clan name will take the color of where your city is located. Please see our forums for more details.[/COLOR] Male members will have Mr, Female will be Ms/Mrs. If you have children who play, they are able to take the name as thier parent only with a {AXIS}Name Jr. Open spots for our clan: German cities: Ms. Berlin, Mr. / Ms. Frankfort, Mr. / Ms. Munich, Mr. / Ms. Hamburg, Mr. / Ms. Dresden, Mr. / Ms. Wurzburg, Mr. / Ms. Munster, Mr. / Ms. Bremen, Mr. / Ms. Essen Japanesse cities: Mr. / Ms. Tokyo, Mr. / Ms. Yokohama, Mr. / Ms. Osaka, Mr. / Ms. Kawasaki, Mr. / Ms. Hiroshima, Kobe, Mr. / Ms. Nagano, Mr. / Ms. Nagasaki, Mr. / Ms. Fuji Italian cites: Mr. / Ms. Rome, Mr. / Ms. Palermo, Mr. / Ms. Milan, Mr. / Ms. Venice, Mr. / Ms. Pisa, Mr. / Ms. Naples, Mr. / Ms. Salerno, Mr. / Ms. Tourino, Mr. / Ms. Genoa Hope to see you soon recruits!