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#1 12 years ago

Greetings y'all -

We, formally known as [ARSR], have migrated over to a new name and gaming style after 4+ years of operation. We have moved from a snipe only style to more of a tactical type play though still keeping the scoped rifle the primary weapon. We have a faster than default pace within our game server and though we primarily use the sniper rifle, we are still able to play objective style matches, death matches, and TDMs...our style is probably unlike any other you have played before and quite addicting.

At this point we have a new server and website and are interested in linking up with any other clans out there that are in search of the same goal as we are - maximizing our traffic. We have a links section on our website and get quite a bit of traffic to our page and are looking to swap link postings with any other clan out there....basically, you post a link to our website and we'll a link to yours - there's no better way to advertise and reach out to more potential visitors.

If you are interested, please shoot me an email @ [email]danielferrel@mac.com[/email] and we can swap information. Please respond with a link to your website.