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rotating_globe(1).gif[NER-FL] Is Recruiting Active Call of Duty 2 & Day of Defeat Source Gamers to play with us and build a better community.

What does FL stand for you say? Foregin Legion, we are a mix of all nations and cultures coming together to play the games we love. Come and Join The Fun.


Welcome to the website, and we hope to see you on our Call of Duty2 & Day of Defeat Source Server. » » (DoDS) »,Merciless tdm mod)

Our Servers Are Hosted In Helsinki, Finland By DaWare.fi Our Server Provides Great Ping, Fast Load Times, and best of all a mature respectfull gaming attitude. We Hope To See You There.

Our Teamspeak2 Server, a Server Based Voice Communication Program to chit and chat with your friends and fellow players. Join Us On Our TS2 Server.

IP Address: Password: ner Download Here At www.goteamspeak.com TeamSpeak 2 Client (RC2)

Join Us On Our Call of Duty2 or Day of Defeat Source Servers Home of the New European Regiment - Foregin Legion.