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#1 12 years ago
-=[TFP]=- Task Force Phoenix Clan Is Recruiting

Greetings from -=[TFP]=-, We are a small clan and looking for new members. Although we are a new clan, we are not new to gaming or running servers and our clan actually has quite a bit of history. Our clan started out almost 4 years ago as -=[BXD]=- Clan. We were a Medal Of Honor clan running two servers, Spearhead and Breakthrough with lots of participation and public players. About a year and a half ago we decided to move from Medal Of Honor to Call Of Duty. -=[BXD]=- experienced moderate success as a COD UO clan and server however as time passed, the clan members slowly disappeared. Many got different jobs or careers that didn't allow for gaming, some found other games they enjoyed more and some just disappeared. On October 15th, 2005 the -=[BXD]=- Clan officially closed it's doors. Four of the original -=[BXD]=- members decided to create a new clan from the -=[BXD]=- ashes and formed -=[TFP]=-, which now has two Call of Duty servers. One is Call Of Duty UO and the other is a Call Of Duty 2 server Our servers both run the AWE mod (Additional War Effects), and the UO server runs FK sounds with tweaked Anarchic weapons in a TFP MOD. Both servers are located on a dedicated server with dual xeon processors and plenty of system resources. The dedicated server is connected to a T3 located at a colo in Palo Alto, California. Currently we are running mixed game type map rotations with custom maps so auto downloads will have to be turned on to join our UO server. We are also using some maps from the UO map pack. The COD 2 server has some very nice mods including sprinting, tripwires and a secondary weapon. We are looking for mature gamers who get along well with others and can commit time to playing on the clan servers. We do not seek drama or controversy, just good gaming times. We do not allow cheats or hacks on our servers and demand respectful behavior from members and guests. If you are looking for a clan that takes gaming semi seriously but always keeps FUN in the foreground give us a try. Come check out our website at There are plenty of rules in the regulation link on the main page including recruitment guidelines. Register on the forum so we can get to know you and remember to bring your gaming face. Respectfully, -=[TFP]=- Task Force Phoenix