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14th June 2004

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#1 14 years ago

[RDH] Rabid Dogs of Hell is looking for players to join our gaming community for COD2 and much, much more.

There are so many clans out there, it seems nearly impossible to find out which one is right for you. So why should you check out RDH? Here is why:

WE ARE A GAMING COMMUNITY. Imagine a diverse group of gamers sharing resources and ideas and you will begin to understand the value of a gaming community. We are a large community, therefore, the greater amount of value in our community. This is not to say the individual is just a face in the crowd. You will be part of a tight knit team within the community itself.

WE ARE COMPETITIVE. We regularly participate and perform very well in ladders, matches and scrims. We have an open-ended participation policy which means that anyone who wants to play in competition does. No seniority, no ranks. Players of all ability levels are welcome whether they be veteran or noob. No matter your skill level, we understand that in time all players get better with practice. That is why we practice on a regular schedule.

WE ARE AN ADULT COMMUNITY. RDH has a minimum age requirement of 17 years of age. This is not to discriminate against younger gamers. RDH is a steady, long lived clan. As such, our continued stability resides on the maturity of our membership. Therefore, we have chosen to be an adult community. In time, all gamers are welcome to RDH and we believe it is worth the wait.

WE HAVE FUN. The bottom line of gaming is to have fun. We believe in respect for your fellow gamers and in having a good time. After all, that is what it is all about.

For more information, stop by or I can be personally reached on Xfire (rdhskipforeplay). Hope to see you soon.

Our Public TS IP has temporarily changed. Find us at IP: for now. I'll post again when the permanent IP is available.

FYI, here is a current listing of the games we play: AASF - Auto Assault – BF2 – BF2:SF – COD2 – CS:S - GR:AW - GW - GW:F - KO – Prey - RTW – SAVAGE - SAVAGE 2 - SOF2 - SWB2 – WoW