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#1 12 years ago

[COLOR=red]Hi we are the RED BANNER RIFLE DIVISION and we currently play in the TWL lS&D ladders. We are looking for good players who like working as a team and have a good sence of humour. We have 15 lpayers at the moment but want around 5 more. We used to be around in COD 1 so we have experience. As long as your mature we dont mind what age you are, all we ask is you present at training day, and can play about 5 hours a night. To join go to www.rbrd.co.uk and join the forum. there you will see a post where you can apply. There are no fees.[/COLOR] You will get a trail, and if we think you will fit in then you will get to play. We have quite a few friends in the cod2 scene so we always get a game. Thanks TidyBoy RBRD Recruitment officer Ladder Manager