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#1 15 years ago

Hey there call of duty community,just to let you know that we are currently recruiting for call of duty 2. There is no limits to age,race,religion,beliefs or anything we don`t care how good you are or how bad we have a lot of fun and enjoy gaming we play other games to,The majority of our clan are american but we have two welsh members and one swedish.below is a list of our info. reddogalliance.net


We have plenty of slots for others we just shut down are ctf,dm and s&d but we can put them back on in no time at all. we have a public teamspeak just pop on one of our game servers and ask an admin for IP. All of our servers are modded to make the game great fun repeating shotguns being a fav 1 shot kill rifles and we are currently sorting out a server that has arty and mortars which i think will be a stepping stone to cod 2 greatness the beta version runs fantastic,so keep your eyes out for that one. So whether you are just playing for fun or want to challenge us or don`t care for either come and check us out. ps. for a full list of members forums games we play and everything else visit our website at reddogalliance.net hope to see you guys on our servers. pps. IF YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE RDA PLEASE VISIT OUR FORUMS AND POST WITH RELATIVE DETAILS. |RDA|welsh w0nder signing out.