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11th July 2004

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The {ReVoLution} is currently looking for new members.

Games we play: Red Orchestra ( soon ) Call of Duty 2 A few things were looking for: Team Players, we not interested people who won't listen. Activeness, we're not looking for people who are going to show up once a month. Xfire, we would like all our members to have Xfire so that we can keep intouch with them. Some skill, we aren't looking for people who think they are a God, but we are looking for people who have some natural skill. If you feel you need some training, just ask, our members will do some 1on1 training with you to try to improve your playing. Age, we would like members to be 14+, like alot of clans now presently, we have an age limit, simply because we do not want imature people in the clan. If you are a lower age, if you can proove to use that you a mature player, then we might make an exception. Location, we would like our clan members to be located in the United States, or Canada. Some optional stuff: Mic, you don't need a mic but it would be nice if you have one. Most of our members have one. TeamSpeak, we have a teamspeak server but we don't require you use it, if you want to use the in-game voice feature, do so. Some things about us: We are a soviet themed clan, our site, forums, and server are all soviet themed. We have been a Call of Duty clan for 2 years, so we won't be going anywhere soon. We are seperated by 4 divisions. -Sniper Division - This division is all about the art of rifles, and sniping, obviously. -Infantry Division - This division is multipurpose, we use no specific weapons. -Razvedchik Division - This division is about stealthiness, these are the frontline soldiers. -Trainee Division - This is the division all new recruits will be in until they decide to try out from one of the 3 above divisions. Recruits can choose any division they would like. The divisional leader will try them out, and if successful, will be part of the division. We are a somewhat 'laidback' clan. We do not punish those who don't show up to practice/scrims etc. But we do however after numerous accounts of people not showing up. Our info: Come play with us on our Call of Duty 2 server, at Come check out the website at http://invasionx.com/revo Our game server is located in Texas, of the United States. Our TeamSpeak server is: - Contact us for the password to the server. If you are looking to join, have questions, or simply are interested in the clan. Post on our forums, or contact us.