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12th July 2004

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The [COLOR=yellow]{[/COLOR][COLOR=red]ReVolution[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]}[/COLOR] is currently looking for new mature members.

[COLOR=red]G[/COLOR]ames we play:

[COLOR=red]T[/COLOR]hings we look for:

  1. Team Players, we not interested people who won't listen.
  2. Activeness, we are not looking for people who are going to show up once a month.
  3. Niceness, we are looking for people who don't have a short fuse, and can get along with other members.
  4. Xfire, we would like all our members to have Xfire so that we can keep intouch with them.
  5. Some skill, we aren't looking for people who are cocky, but we are looking for people who have some natural skill. If you feel you need some training, just ask, our members will do some 1-on-1 training with you to try to improve your playing.
  6. Age, we would like members to be 16+, like alot of clans now presently, we have an age limit, simply because we do not want imature people in the clan. If you are a lower age, if you can proove to use that you a mature player, then we might make an exception.
  7. [COLOR=red]Note: If it so happens that you do act in a immature manner, we will not have ANY regrets removing you.[/COLOR]
Location, we would like our clan members to be located in the United States, or Canada.[COLOR=red]S[/COLOR]ome optional stuff: Mic, you don't need a mic but it would be nice if you have one. Most of our members have one. Games, we don't require you to own both CoD2 and RO. We will accept you, as long as you own at least one of these games. If you own both, that's great.[COLOR=red]S[/COLOR]ome things about us: We are a soviet themed clan, our site, forums, and server are all soviet themed. We have been a united clan for 2+ years, so we will not be going anywhere soon. Our structure can be examined at the roster. We have divisions on our CoD2 branch, and squads on our RO branch. We are a realism clan.[COLOR=red]O[/COLOR]ur info: Come play with us on our Call of Duty 2 server, at Our game server is located in Texas, of the United States. Our server has 16 slots, and we run TDM and SD maps on our rotation. We also run a number of custom maps. Come check out the website at http://invasionx.com/revo

[COLOR=red]T[/COLOR]o join:

  • You can join by doing the following:
  • Contact a member with a rank of Lt. or higher via Xfire, names are available on the contact list, private message of either these boards or ours forums, or Aol Instant Messenger. For AIM names, please check our forums. We prefer that you use Xfire, and I also recommend you do because, we are on Xfire alot.
  • Post on our enlistment board. Just click the 'Enlist' button at the top, or the bottom to go there.
  • Note: It might take some time for enlistment post to be answered, but it will get answered. How fast it gets answered depends on your dedication, and maturity.

[COLOR=red][COLOR=white]I[/COLOR]f you are looking to join, have questions, or simply are interested in the clan. Post on our forums, or contact us.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]C[/COLOR]ontact [COLOR=red]L[/COLOR]ist: My Xfire: xdeviantchildx M.C. Darkness's (Leader) Xfire: mcdarkness1941 Station's Xfire: stationsig Redeye's Xfire: pwgredeye Falcon's Xfire: falcon5 Slava's Xfire: slava45 Prozar's Xfire: prozar3000

Current Roster:

  • [COLOR=red]C[/COLOR]all of [COLOR=red]D[/COLOR]uty Branch [COLOR=red]L[/COLOR]egend: Rank - Name - Special Rank [COLOR=red]|[COLOR=white]CO-L[/COLOR]|[/COLOR] Commanding Officer of Clan [COLOR=red]|[COLOR=white]CO[/COLOR]|[/COLOR] Commanding Officer of Division [COLOR=red]|[COLOR=white]SL[/COLOR]|[/COLOR] Squad Leader
    • [COLOR=red]M[/COLOR]ilitary Leadership
    • Polkovnik - M.C.Darkness ( 1st in command ) [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]CO-L[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]
  • [COLOR=red]P[/COLOR]arty Commissariat
  • Podpolkovnik - Station ( 2nd in command )
  • Maior - Slava 45 ( 3rd in command )
  • [COLOR=red]S[/COLOR]niper Division
  • Starshij lejtenant - Falcon [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]CO[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]SL[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]
  • Serzhant - Oscelot (a1vinyork) ( sniper 1st class ) [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]SL[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]
  • Serzhant - Gen.Triggerhappy ( sniper 1st class )
  • Efrejtor - Vasha Zaitsev ( sniper 1st class )
  • Krasnoarmeets - Stalinov
  • [COLOR=red]I[/COLOR]nfantry Division
  • Lejtenant - DeviantChild [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]CO[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]SL[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]
  • Serzhant - Moto xXx ( standby )
  • Serzhant - Redeye
  • Efrejtor - Grave [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]SL[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]
  • Krasnoarmeets - Bullet
  • Krasnoarmeets - Idlaxstar
  • Krasnoarmeets - Navy
  • Krasnoarmeets - Hellboy
  • Krasnoarmeets - Steve
  • [COLOR=red]R[/COLOR]azvedchik Division
  • Starshij lejtenant - Prozar [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]CO[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]SL[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]
  • Starshij serzhant - GutsNGlory
  • Starshij serzhant - Delta [COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]SL[COLOR=red]|[/COLOR]
  • Serzhant - Falco
  • Mladshij serzhant - Lee
  • Mladshij serzhant - Black Knight
[COLOR=red]R[/COLOR]ed [COLOR=red]O[/COLOR]rchestra: [COLOR=red]O[/COLOR]sfront [COLOR=red]41[/COLOR]-[COLOR=red]45[/COLOR] Branch

[COLOR=red]L[/COLOR]egend: Rank - Title - Name(s) - Special Rank

  • [COLOR=red]P[/COLOR]latoon Command
  • Starshij Lejtenant Vladislav (M.C.Darkness) - Leader
  • Lejtenant Staroi (Station) - Zampolit (Deputy Commander)
  • [COLOR=red]1[/COLOR]st Squad
  • Starshij Serzhant Viliam (Falcon)
  • Serzhant Deviat (Deviance)
  • Serzhant Nikolai (Oscelot)
  • Krasnoarmeets Lev (Navy)
  • [COLOR=red]2[/COLOR]nd Squad
  • Starshij Serzhant Yuri (Prozar)
  • Starshij Serzhant Iosef (GutsNGlory)
  • Mladshij Serzhant Boris (Falco)
  • Efrejtor Zhukov (Polonium/Redeye)
  • [COLOR=red]R[/COLOR]eserve Units

[COLOR=red]T[/COLOR]o find out what the ranks stand for, go here.

[COLOR=red][COLOR=white]A[/COLOR]gain, if you are looking to join, have questions, or simply are interested in the clan. Post on our forums, or contact us.[/COLOR][COLOR=red] Website: http://invasionx.com/revo Server: brcopy7ep.jpg [/COLOR]