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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=red]Hey Guys![/COLOR] Im Str!ker from the fairly new clan `sK | Social Killers, we have been around for a couple of months now and we have grown very fast in those months! If your looking for a clan that scrims a lot and just plays for fun..then your in the right place! We like to be competitive and at the same time have fun! We are also expirenced at modding/skinning, so if u have any questions just stop by our forums! I have high expectations for this clan, so if you think you have what it takes stop by our site/servers and give us a holla! We have 3 servers. [COLOR=red]--> [/COLOR]Search & Destroy|Rifles Only--> [COLOR=red]-->[/COLOR] Modern Weapons Mod, yes we have actual guns like an AK-47 and an M16!--> [COLOR=red]--> [/COLOR]And of course our private--> We also have TeamSpeak, come in and say Hi! [COLOR=red]--> [/COLOR] [COLOR=red]--> [/COLOR]Pw: none ..there is a password and its none lol Website [COLOR=red]-->[/COLOR] `sK | Social Killers Clan Hope to play with you soon!