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5th September 2006

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#1 12 years ago

SLR - Soldiers of the Lost Realm, is a new clan founded by old members of the ARC clan (not a well-known clan) who broke away because of its warmonger leader. We believe not to have fun mainly and not start petty spam wars. If our allies are at war, we will help them to our best. SLR plays in tournaments, boths inter-clan and outer-clan. We have 20 or so members right now, but they're all active in forums and mainly in game too, unless job or school beckons them to less activity. Due to this, we don't have many active members. We play Call of Duty, WarRock, Battlefield 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II, and currently tryin to expand to Dawn of War, DoW: Winter Assault, and Call of Duty 2. SLR is run by 3 leaders, to maintain balance. Just in case one leader goes power hungry or something, and for clan leader desicions. We have a senate to decide some of the things we do and more. Our site is at . Its only a freewebs site, and we're currently on the lookout for good website makers and promoters. You can find our forums there, if you wish to join, please post here. We will approve of your account afterwards and then you may have to try-out. School is currently in session for most of us, so you may get in without a test. But we WILL evaluate you, so be ready. Our fourms now have a "" link: