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#1 15 years ago

SealTeam6 Adult clan looking for members. =ST6= is a multi gameing clan. We have been around since the MoHAA days. We are all adults (18+) and love to play. Our members come from all over the US. Our server is in Dallas TX for a central location to give the best possible pings to our server. We have a powerfull server to run multiple games. We run CoDUO, a Ranked BF2 server and have started up the new CoD2. We use Teamspeak for our communications. We use the navy rank system for structure of the clan. You can move up by time invested in the clan and by running (test of skills) for rank. Our guys are laid back and understand that realworld stuff comes first. There is no pressure to play. You play as much as you want. If you would like to join us to make new friends, please go to our website, register and fill out an app. for what ever game you want. You are not stuck with just one though. Here is our info.... COD2---->>>>> We look forward to seeing you and to welcoming you aboard. :cya: =ST6=Grimgrinch