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The [COLOR=red]1[/COLOR]st Infantry Division - A Call of Duty 2 Unit based on the 1st Infantry Division

[COLOR=red]We are a unit that uses tactics used in the WWII Era[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]We have ranks organized and based on those used in WWII[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]We have a teamspeak and Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer Server[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]We have oppurtunities to advance in rank, even lead a squad![/COLOR] [COLOR=white]We are currently looking for Europeans to join our unit.[/COLOR]

Send me a pm for details how to join our unit. We are looking for Europeans to create a Second Platoon, especially for Europeans. The squad roles we are looking for are: Stf Sgt - Squad Leader Sgt - ASL Autorifleman - BAR Auto Assitant Ammo Bearer Rifleman - Scout Rifleman - Scout Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman