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#1 11 years ago

The French Resistance is a TR unit in CoD2 and DOD:S That is currently looking for any type of player. Wether you are new or old, bad or good, It does not matter. -> Don't worry, you don't have to be French to be in it. :D I am Lt. De'Hanley, and i'm looking for new players who want to have fun in realism.All players are welcome, register at and post an application. -Don't worry about my username tk-1138. I made this along time ago and forgot about it ^^; my xfire is johnhanley my msn is [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] my yahoo is cold_pepperguy I play in servers such as ROGUE, BHC, 82ndAB, and 1stSF/SS under the name fR|Lt.De'Hanley Best of Luck to all soldiers, no matter their army Viva La France.