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[INDENT][COLOR=black][COLOR=black][COLOR=red]www.[/COLOR][COLOR=black]thephoenixcorps[/COLOR][COLOR=red].com[/COLOR] [/COLOR][/COLOR][/INDENT] [COLOR=black][COLOR=black][COLOR=yellow]|[/COLOR][COLOR=red]TPC[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]|[/COLOR], The Phoenix Corps, is a multigaming clan, primarily playing Call of Duty 2 dedicated to fair play, integrity among its members, extreme gameplay, and just plain fun. The members would like to welcome each of our guests and invite you to partake in our game servers. We do not discriminate based on race, sex, creed, or politics. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Our group uses Ventrilo as our main communications package and it is only open to clan members. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black][COLOR=red]We Are Looking for New Members[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black][COLOR=yellow]|[/COLOR][COLOR=red]TPC[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]|[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=darkgreen]is looking for new members (18+). If you are interested you may find all the information necessary in the recruitment section of the web site. Come play with us. Gain our trust and be given access to our Ventrilo server. Get to know us and then post your request to become a member in our forums. You will be advised in three days whether you have been voted to become a recruit. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Current COD2 Server List:[/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=black]COD2 Version 1.3 eXtreme+ v. 2.2[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=black]Modded Deathmatch[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][COLOR=black]COD2 TDM Rampage[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=black]Version 1.0 Server[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][COLOR=black]COD2 CTF Rampage! Version 1.0[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=black]COD2 DM Rampage! Version1.0[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][COLOR=black]COD2 TDM Carentan 24/7 Version 1.0[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]CURRENT COD4:MW SERVER LIST[/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=black]our IP's are:[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=red] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=red] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red][/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=black]We have made each a S&D, TDM, and DM[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=black][COLOR=black]One of our many projects as a clan has been the recent purchase of official [COLOR=yellow]|[/COLOR][COLOR=red]TPC[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]|[/COLOR] baseball caps. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]If you are insterested in joining the corps, please visit our website, or you can xfire me at: tpcmrbluesky (I am the lead recruiter)[/COLOR]

[INDENT]UPDATE: [COLOR=blue]We have added a new Welcome screen to the website. Check it out when you have the time, it's a great flash screen based on COD4:MW, with lots of the sounds you'll hear in the game!!! [/COLOR][/INDENT]

[INDENT][COLOR=blue]Hope you like it!!! [/COLOR][/INDENT]