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#1 12 years ago

Who are we? We are ~TheCoDfathers~ and we originally started over a year ago as a CODUO TDM Clan and have now drifted into various games such as TMN, CODUO GFM, COD2, FIFA, Tiger Woods 06, BF2 & WoW. We have a dedicated server in Redbus, London which is currently running servers for BF2, TMN, 3 x COD2 and CODUO GFM2. We have Ventrilo voice server which is also visited by our friends from other clans. We currently have 18 members who are mainly online in the evenings. We are all from UK and range from Yorkshire to Cornwall. The main thing is we like a good laff and are out to have fun with our gaming. :beer: Requirements? Over 21 Live in UK Prepared to contribute a small amount to clan fees (after you have given us a month trial) What do you do next?

Add vipersniper1 or mrscorpion to your xfire ( and tell us your interest in trying us for a month. Or you can post your interest in the forums at See you there :smokin: