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#1 14 years ago

Do you have what it takes? =VX9= Easy Company is now recruiting members to play Call of Duty 2! We are looking for mature, respectful gamers that like to have fun. We emphasize having fun above all.

=VX9= is a multi-game community,with divisions playing Battlefield 2, CounterStrike Source, America’s Army, Call of Duty 2, Everquest II, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and other games. =VX9= has been around for years, and has total membership in the hundreds.

Visit our website at www.vx9.com

Please visit our TDM server at We also have a CTF server at And we have just added an TWL/PAM server at

Sign up today at http://www.vx9.com/scripts/join.php?div=Easy

Or send me, dustypython, an email at [EMAIL="dustypython@adelphia.net"]dustypython@adelphia.net[/EMAIL]

You can also find me on XFire, as dustypython