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#1 12 years ago

Hello, I am co leader of the west coast clan. We are currently recruiting, we are a new clan, about 8 members, and have a server in just about every game we support.

We have all the tools we need for a great clan, we just need to get some members and utilize them.

We will join leauges if the clan members want to join one when we get bigger.

We are interested in members that love playing games, are mature, and just like having fun. We DONT like the competitive, up-tight jurks that just go around yelling.

Website: http://www.wcc-clan.com (forums still in progress of being made)

Games we support: COD 2, BF2, CSS, RO, FEAR, COD: UO


COD 2: (20 Man Custom Maps) Battlefield 2: Coming Soon (40 Man Ranked) COD UO: (20 Man Counter Strike: Source: (20 Man Red Orchestra: Coming Soon (20 Man) FEAR: Coming Soon (TBA) Teamspeak:

Feel free to stop by any of our servers :)

If you are interested in joining you can join a few differant ways...

1. Add wccsolut1on (me) to xfire 2. Add [email]sgthulka9@hotmail.com[/email] (also me) to msn 3. Stop by our TS (IP Above), I am usually in their, if not, just try again later. There is no password to enter so just go on in. (Dont send a clan in there and use it, I will ban your IP's)

We are not looking to merge clans with someone, unless you want your clan to join {WCC} and be under our name. I cannot guarentee that you will recieve admin on our servers, that will be decided on how long I have known you and if the leader and I can trust you.

NOTE: YOU DO NOT have to live in the West Coast to join this clan. The name is from where it originated (west coast, duh).

We don't have any age requirements, but we will not let you join if you are immature.

Skill does not matter, its if you are willing to have fun and enjoy time spent playing games. You can always get better, so skill doesn't matter.

Other Contacts- XFIRE Users

wcchijacker - Leader, currently in the hospital, probably wont answer :(

onixz2 - CSS Recruiter/Co-Leader

wccsolut1on - (me) Clan Co-Leader all games.

Thanks, Kodiak450c (AKA SgtHulka9, {WCC}Solut1on)