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#1 12 years ago

Hey, The Band of Brothers CoD2 MoD is in development and we are currently working on Brecourt which just needs some revisisions and sp work, and yes A Single Player Carentan!! Carentan will be based off the real city and include so much more than what IW gave us. Even though the team has grown since i last posted here,we still need more people, we want to get this mod out to the community as soon as possible and we need you! A lot of people will end up reading this and blowing it off saying heck that mod isn't gonna live. Well your wrong were going though with it, and making almost EVERY single Band of Brothers map D-Day to Bavaria. Please Donate your time and help us with this mod. Thank you for all your time and thank you staff for letting us post this for free. Now if your still on this page, probally a select few, if you want to join please say so on our forums. Just make a simple post with the instructions pinned. Its that easy! Everbody counts. You can go to the new forums by using the URL below! Bobmod Thanks for your time ~*BoB*~ Developers