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I didn't make it!

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#1 13 years ago

:)hi, i am hoping someone can make a mod for me.

I want something like insta-gib, as seen in a game like Unreal.

I have not got game yet, i am waiting for xmas, but i can get thru the demo on veteran very easily with dieing usually just once although i have made it thru ONCE without dieing at all.

I want it to be 'nightmare!'

I have these other mods installed... -blood mod -thompson, with 30 rounds -mario's sound mod (which kicks butt)

If there is a way to make weapons louder that would be cool. I usually play with headphones but lately just plugged into my surround sound system for tv and it is incredible. I crank up the sub-woofer and the sliding glass door rattles when the planes fly over at the beginning of the demmo.

thanks for your help. TwoDogS out!:)