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#1 12 years ago

I Made a utility to convert multiple .iwi files to .dds or .dds files to .iwi files.

It's in beta now but it works fine for converting complete directorys You can read more in the readme file included in the zip


Expect a better version next week.

Hope this tool comes in handy for ya ;)


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#2 12 years ago

well, its nice, but the IW Asset Manager does the best job for converting IWI to dds or vice versa.

However, I suppose if you dont want to get to grips with the AM, that would help out.

well done


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#3 12 years ago

Version 1.0 if finished!

Download -linkje Hope you like this even more ;) Below you find the included Readme: COD2SkinUtility V1.0 ================ My story: ======= I found 2 usefull converters on the web: dds2iwi.exe & iwitodds.exe for converting COD2's texture to an editable format. Those programs can only convert one file at a time which startet to irritate me after 20 files. First I wanted to write a batch for that. But I decided to make a small gui around those programs, which I hope will help others. This is also my first public program. Most programs I coded were for private use. Installation: ======== Just unzip the whole content of the zipped file to a place on your harddrive, no installation or setup needed. To start COD2SkinUtility, just run COD2SkinUtil.exe From the program you can install optional software plugins. Uninstall: Well, just delete the whole folder from your drive ;)

Main functions of COD2SkinUtility: ========================= -convert single/multiple/all .dds or .iwi files in a directory. -Easy open the Call of Duty 2\Main folder for opening .iwd files with associated program. (if you have associate .iwd files with a unzip program) -Quickly View converted .dds files with build in viewer.

Optional plugin info: ============== -Photoshop DDS Plugin: Adds a plugin to Photoshop for easy editing COD2 texture files. -DDS Thumbnail viewer: Adds support for Viewing Thumnail images direct from the Windows Explorer. (Think Windows XP is needed).

Usage: ===== 1- Start main program: COD2SkinUtil.exe 2- Choose one of the buttons to start converting texture files. (Or Drag and Drop a single file on the window) 3-Use the mainmenu for the installation of optionaly plugins. 4-Check the "Stay on top" checkbox if you like that the program stays on top of all other programs. Notes: ===== -Be carefull! If the destination file exist, it will be overwritten. -Can only convert DXT1 and DXT5 images. This program is almost finished, since it's already verry usefull. I will improve my program if I receive request or find some bugs.

Special thanks & credits go to: ====================== -The programmer of iwitodds.exe (Sorry couldn't find any programmer info) -Programmer Pointy for his dds2iwi.exe -Nvidia for the DDS Thumbnail viewer & Photoshop plugin Coded by: William22 You can mail for information, questions, feature requests, bug report etc. at: [EMAIL=""]E-mail me[/EMAIL] -->>HAVE FUN SKINNING<<--

I hope I added some help to the Call of Duty 2 Modding scene :D


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#4 12 years ago

Can a Mod please delete or replace the link in the first post? I cannot edit my first message anymore... The link should be: Download

Screenshot: Screen1.GIF