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#1 11 years ago

I made alittle map the size is a room 512x512 ,i have installed in the room a startplayer and added a light in the ceiling ,learned from a tut,it is 5KB big,i have tried to compile it to run the little game singleplayer,iam lost with compling to be honest ,been trying to find some tut that took it thru the steps with a tut, ,I did find one how to set the compiler ,for singleplayer not completed and completed map ,but it did not work .i need to know what files to make and put where they belong so the compiler will find the path and do its job,another thing ,iwouldnt know if it did it right if it hit me the head either,HE HE :smokin:,Ihave a great idea for a map to do,but Iam not going to start this big singleplayer map until I learn how to finsh it,it would be a waste to go thru all that and dont know crap about compliing it :bawl:,so need some help to learn compling.:uhoh:here!:beer:thanks I.ll be waiting .at a dead end until i know this final important step,which makes it,or breaks it,all your work I been told what I have read,thanks David alias manwithouts,lavenderwolf,in the game.