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#1 10 years ago

Hi everybody, my clan made a great rifle mod 2 years ago,but the guy who made it leave now and i got no contact to him!I've found the mod on the root...nobody use it anymore and some things in mod should be changed!I searched the internet for informations about it, but its very difficult for me!There is a clanlogo in the right corner,but only a chess thing if u understand what i mean!How can i delete it??and there are only the 3 standart weapons to take...but i want the scopes too?!Can i send some one the mod and you change it??or you can explain it to me in an easy way! :) sorry for my english, iam from germany!

hope you post me back!

Mfg |S!T|

€dith: Btw its based on the AdmiralMod