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#1 13 years ago

I'm sure that most of the active people here are also active in the IWNation forums but this is worth a shot anyways. Posted a topic there with my problem and figured i'd post it here as well as it couldnt hurt.


So my problem started maybe 2 months ago. For some reason when i would save a file (lets say a grenade explosion) it would save the file fine and i would be able to go ingame as see it and everything is working great untill i load back up the editor and open up that explosion agan. When it loads in the editor it will still appear as the stock explosion, while in the game it is the new custom one. As well, if i open it up in notepad it will be the new explosion. I solved this by completly re-installing the game because just re-installing the editor didnt work. Now the even weirder part. While it doesnt open custom efx's properly, if said custom efx is in a custom folder (fx\lct\explosion.efx) then it will open properly.

After the re-install everything will work properly for a short time. However this time which it works properly seems to get shorter and shorter. So far i have had to re-install the game 6 times because of the editor failing, and 2 times in the last 2 days. In that my 2nd disk got scratched in which it wont copy the iw_05.iwd durring install but luckly my friend around the corner has the game so i can still install it using his 2nd disk. Does anyone know why this is happening or how i can prevent it. I have tried deleting the registry keys after an uninstall and that didnt help. I tried deleting the registry keys while it was installed and having problems and that didnt work. I believe 1 time i re-installed and it didnt fix it so i was really mad.

dont know how this would help but here is my basic system info-not much but hopefully upgrading soon biggrin.gif. i do play in dx7 for crisper picture but i believe that the editor does force dx9 as i tried changing game to dx9 and editor looked the same as before.

2.4 pent 4 xp home ati x700 xt 256 1 gb ram

I was thinking today. The only reasonable possible way that the editor would be opening the stock files when i click on the custom files is if it was to cache the files which it opened. Maybe fourtwozero would be able to explain with the help of some of the other guys over there how it works exactly. Or maybe is a programer was able to look at the code inside the program and see...i dont know.

If the problem was with cashe'ing then all i would technically have to do to fix it would be to delete those files when ever there was a problem. I hope the problem is that fixable.