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#1 12 years ago

I = teh noob at modding, but i just came up with a great idea.

I proper zombie mod.

Im assuming it wouldnt be too hard to do either, as most of the elements needed for the mod already exist, they just need to be added together.

I tried to add the various iwd requirements together to make this mod, but they are not compatible. Anyways, here is the basic rundown of my idea:

It would be a bot mod (modified meatbot?), meaning you could spawn about 50 bots or so to verse. The axis bot team (zombies) should have no weapons, nades or anything, and use purely melee attack. A headshot only mod should then apply, meaning the only way to kill the enemy zombie is a headshot. Of course, the axis zombie team will also need the appropriate skins,of which some already exist. Also, the zombies speed should be changed to at least twice the normal speed (28 Days Later style) to allow for more challenging game play or possibly an option to change the bot speed. Maybe also a mod that changes lighing, making levels slightly darker, or adding rain.

Then it would be possible to add around 50 zombies to a game, and have a massive survival challenge, seeing how many you could take out. Being multiplayer it would also mean that you could LAN it up with your friends and take out zombies together, or even choose to be a zombie and attack your friends.

If theres any modders out there up for the challenge theres an idea for you. :D I would really love to play this one day.