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#1 8 years ago

Hi everybody i need help for my cod2 mod (i work on 1.2)

1•) i want to put text in the bottom of screen (servername and other) in a party

2•) i tried the badname script (unknown soldier rename) of iznogod but he doesnt work I created "_namechanger.gst" (or .gxt im on my ipod dont remember) I paste the iznogod script in it I added thread map\mp\gametype\_namechanger:: etc (thats good) in the tdm file but when i run the game and open a server there is a script error (unknown command, something like this) so if someone can send my a fonctionnal script. Maybe i failed something idk :/

3•) i'd like to make a nice welcome message like: Welcome (player's name, idk how ta make it) to... Our server (if its possible, it must be hard...idk. I want to put an animation like the "flashing name" but with the name of server Please respect all players etc... And finally i'd like to put music at the beginning of party and at the end i have already saw it but in the iwd file i find just musics and when i put it in my mod...nothing i think a script who run the music is hide...idk '^^ I hope u will help me! :) I'm really sorry for my bad english, i'm french '^^