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#1 11 years ago

I play CofD2 on a LAN with up to 8 friends. We like to use strategy, try to out flank the defense, and generally take our time trying to capture a headquarters. The default time runs too quickly for us, and often we can't re-spawn and get back to the headquarters in time to try a second attack. How can I change the default time so that each headquarters lasts longer before the round is declared for the defenders?


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#2 11 years ago

You will need to edit the HQ gsc gametype file.

Dig it out of iw_15.iwd\maps\mp\gametypes

Find this:

level.RadioMaxHoldSeconds = 120;

Change it to this:

level.RadioMaxHoldSeconds = getCvarInt("scr_radio_maxhold");

Now package the edited gametype into a mod.

Create a new set of nested folders - maps\mp\gametypes.

Please the edited HQ gametype gsc in the 'gametypes' folder.

Pack it all into an IWD file, and call it something like zz_hq_mod.iwd. Place it in your server's 'main' folder.

Put this in your server config file:

set scr_radio_maxhold "200" <---------whatever time you want in there.