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#1 11 years ago

Ok, finally, we are back. The Beta 2 is now available for download. As we got a new Developing Team (Koene007 Creations) the mod is now bein' made faster, better and bigger than ever before. So well, if you like the other Massacre Mod(s), than download this pack !

250x250-images-phocagallery-thumbs-phoca_thumb_l_11cod2sp_s-2010-01-26-16-47-23-06-8.jpg 250x250-images-phocagallery-thumbs-phoca_thumb_l_11cod2sp_s-2010-01-26-16-47-23-06-7.jpg 250x250-images-phocagallery-thumbs-phoca_thumb_l_11cod2sp_s-2010-01-26-16-47-23-06-10.jpg

Here's the new Features included: - Fixed the old EarthQuake effect for barrels, now it won't totaly crash your screen, and it's not taking effect from long distances. - More Fire and Gas grenades in inventory. - New allied US RANGER skins, with the same old blood effect, only added camo. - Flame Thrower more realistic, removed the annoying recoil thing(You won't be pushed backward anymore) - Created some sick barrel explosion effects ! - Tokarev - Scoped SVT40 (1.0) by PetX added in-game. - German MP 38, 40 & 41 (2.0) by MCh2207Cz added in-game. - Vampyr, scoped & unscoped StG-44 (3.0) by MCh2207Cz added in-game. - Ammo box & Drum mag. mg42 by @'di added in-game. - You can now carry up to 5 radio's, you won't get empty so fast. - Sticky bomb added to game, you'll find it around the maps, and your allied rangers will also carry these. - New German skins, with Flecktarn camo. - New Hand/Sleeve skins for Allied Ranger(These match the new uniform), also still havin' the blood decals. - Made gloves for the hands, look's pretty nice. - Added Ferran's CODUO style Scopes. (Thanks)

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